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A place for me to give a shout out to businesses that I think are doing awesome work!
(no, I don’t earn any money from this)

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Stephanie is a Somatic Depth Therapist and Astrologer, supporting people to deepen their relationship to themselves through their bodies, freeing from old patterns and living a life of power, purpose and pleasure.

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Jacksonville, FL, USA

Dr. Jon and Dr. Brian are some of the best chiropractors I know. Very experienced, and does all the adjustments I want and need.

I got to know Dr. Brian from doing BJJ together with him in Singapore. He’s a US native who lived in Asia from a looong time before moving back.

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Joo Chiat, Singapore

Dr. Brian used to run this place when he lived in Singapore. Now the chiropractors there are Dr. Marcus and Dr. Janelle. Both also give great adjustments. When I’m back in Singapore that’s where I go to get my fix!

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Tasmania, Australia

Run by Rueben and Dave. These guys are super experienced civil and structural engineers who recently branched off from their ex-employer to venture out on their own. They do awesome work because they’ve learnt from the mistakes of big players and want to do things a better way.

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